Valueing Our Own!

Valueing Our Own!

 One of the most bizarre things that had happened to me whilst I had still my Consultancy business running (though it had very serious flu at that particular time!), was this incident. It will stay with me for a very long time to come, and cannot be easily forgotten.

 We were going to a certain firm after fixing an appointment for a few days behind. As we entered the place, we were told that Mr. XYZ was in a meeting and he had ‘instructed’ that we should wait for him till the meeting had ended. Nothing new, this is all common things in this part of the world. If you want to know all things that are wrong or can go wrong, please read my article titled ‘There Is No Urgency’ in my book Between Us Only. If you are a business man, or want to do business in the Gulf, it is money worth spending. The book is still available in bookshops in Oman and UAE.

 Half an hour after our ‘fixed’ appointment, the man turns up smiling saying that it was a l meeting, to which I failed to smile back, though tried I did. How do you smile back at such an excuse, when you know the appointment was fixed days back and with an outsider? I think there was already ‘bad chemistry’ in the air, though point well taken that as a Consultancy we needed the business, so we just had to be enduring and patient. There is simply no question on that one. What took me by great puzzlement and surprise was his next comment, after I had introduced him to my Indian Lady Assistant. He spoke to her in her home lingo, which though I cannot brag to be speaking even moderately, I can definitely hear and understand – and you cannot fool me or say bad words or things behind my back.

 The Indian Lady Assistant knew that I understood the lingo, but it was too late to stop my fellow Omani brother commenting in a foreign lingo that ‘who choose this person to be the Managing Director of this Consultancy? And what experience or knowledge does he know of the Consultancy business? This my lady Assistant could not control herself, and she sniggered, though she tried hard to stifle, but it was too late. So I made some lame excuses and we went away. There was no point, as we would not get any business from this Company Owner because I came to him in an Omani Dishdasha. What happened next the Indian Assistant with me is not important to detail here, but those who have worked with me know well my style of not beating around the bush, do not mince my words, and call a spade a spade. I never keep grudges after that, but I can be equally cruel and cutting – and no prisoners taken either.

 This incident clarified to me as to what is wrong with us. If I had come in with a three piece suit and a tie (even if it was steaming hot outside!), I would have received better and more warm reception.

 Do Not Cry For Me Anymore!


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