The Complaining Students!

The Complaining Students!

 Uncle; You do not expect us to be like you?

 I am in this clinic and I meet these three students complaining bitterly about their just-joined-new jobs and how they are being treated by their bosses and by their company. I listen carefully. I can see that the students have observed that I am eavesdropping. They look at me strangely and crudely. Then one of them abruptly and unexpectedly says to me – Uncle (at least they are polite and have noticed my grey beard too!) – you seem to be too much interested in our conversation! May we know why? I cannot feign innocence or pretend anymore. So I tell them who I am by my profession as a Human Resources Expert and Consultant – and my experiences and exposures. 

 Then they ask me my advice and opinion if what they have said makes any sense? Careful M – I say to myself – you are on thin grounds here – and sure as hell they are going to quote you next – especially if you support them. But they may attack you too – if you do not. Then I tell them my own experiences when I joined as a New Comer. The other one says – with due respects Uncle, you do not expect us to go through the same motions, situation and system that you went through in your times?. Our times are different for surety.

 Before I can answer and ask how different – the nurse calls my name to see the doctor. The nurse is surprised by my emotions of great thanks and gratitude – just doing my job, she says. At least she is not complaining. The doctor is young too – and a local. But in my heart I just say – there is troubled waters ahead. If peoples want things readily and with quick and fast results – and they have just started to dirty their hands!

 God Help us all – Amin! Amen!


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