Management versus Leadership!

Management versus Leadership!

 Who is a Manager?  And who is a Leader? – Compare and Contrast!

In a nutshell, Leaders can be seen as revolutionaries, change agents, and paradigm shifters. Their role is to get people with similar views and ideas together, in an inspirational and collaborative way in order to accomplish a given task or goal. Of most importance however, is that leaders often operate outside or in-opposition to, the parameters set by the status quo in order to achieve their goals.

This sometimes rebellious nature often brings about new and innovative ideas and ways of doing things that shifts or changes the status quo.

Managers on the other hand, are also tasked with accomplishing goals, but they often confine themselves within the parameters of the status quo. Managers often utilize people as well to achieve outcomes, but more often in a less inspirational and collaborative way.

Therefore, it can be said that while Managers are required to meet incremental outcomes, they are still dutiful gatekeepers of the existing paradigm and status quo.

 In contrast, leaders often identify and challenge the non-productiveness and inefficiency of the status quo, creating a seemingly oppositional and chaotic environment that can yield innovative and wondrous outcomes that probably would not have been achieved within the existing paradigm and status quo that had been in place prior to the challenge.

You know for me writing is just a hobby. I have been writing to School magazines since I was 14 years old – and then moved on to work places magazines and periodicals ever since. In 2003 I moved to National levels by being this Columnist – though one of my articles – My Most Vivid Dream – did win a National Prize in Tanzania in 1970 – after being the first entrant prize winner in my High School. In this dream, I become a President of that country – and was actually dreamt – though did put some touch-ups to the story. So what else is new? I have also authored 4 books – Between Us Only (published in Oman); The Sequel – Between Us Only (being published in Canada); Short Takes – Between Us Only (USA) and Psychology of Arab Management Thinking (Arabian Management Series) – USA>

 I always get queries from my admirers and fans of how I can mix up my job as a Human Resources Expert, Consultant and Professional to writing – and whether I sometimes want to mix up the two – for example if I am very angry, frustrated, saddened and disappointed at any place I work – especially in Management spheres – and tempted to ‘get back and revenge syndrome’ by writing all about it in my column for the whole world to see – including that Management, The Board, The Chairman and definitely all the Staff – plus that company buyers, investors, customers, clients etc – and the Leadership in the country too. I was told by a very reliable source that I have fans in very high places, and that some of them just buy the newspaper on Sundays as they read Arabic newspapers on all other days.

 I can go on and tell you this – in truth, frankness and honesty – as is my usual style. The temptations have been very strong. In some cases I did send in articles, but a few hours even amend them to a slightly less aggressive and attack, or mode of approach. I have even withdrawn ‘attacking’ sent-in articles to new subjects. It all comes to the same topic today.

I have been a Leader for too long now in my life; for the few years left for me in my life (if I will make it that long) I have today decided to go completely blank and quiet – and just go along with the tide (lest it drowns me). It all came yesterday night when I had this great chat with a very great high profile and esteemed personality. I am still shaking to this minute!

 He heard a lot of things about me and what was going on. He asked me to give him my frank assessments and opinions on a number of issues and aspects. Then what he told me next felled me even more – he told me that maybe you (still) do not know about it but you are a very highly respected and esteemed person – and that your opinions and expressions people go for – and listen! Changes might take time – but the ideas and vision have already been formulated – and they may take some time to come to pass or to be acted upon. Then he what he told me next felled me even more – he told me – be a Manager for a Change. You have been a Leader for too long!.

 Remember your own article you had sent out on this same topic? (My God!) – So please be that Manager for now – and change will come all around and on all the things you are saying. Then he went on – those who are patronizing, pushing or belittling you? The push will come to pull soon! They are digging their own graves – and they will find it out the hard way as they deserve it! Everyone knows that you do not fire the first shot – and you always try hard to be nice, friendly, helpful, kind etc to everyone – disregarding race, creed or religion. But people are using your being sentimental and emotional as a tool to fight you – do  not give them the chance. They do not know of our Arabic expression – a double edged sword cuts both ways! And you can go ahead and explain to your Readers now why you are now less vocal and belligerent – focus on yourself now more, your family, your health – your own advices you give to Readers – now you take it for yourself.

 Be that Manager for a change – and let the Leadership days go. It did not take you anywhere so far – only vicious and evil peoples are using the goodness and kindness of your heart – and your openness, candidness, frankness, sincerity, warmth  and genuineness against you – but the truth cannot be hidden or be stopped.

Do not hurt yourself anymore Dear Friend and Brother. As Obama had said – Change will come!

 Take Care!


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