Ignominious Admonition Mirage Warning Signs.

Ignominious Admonition Mirage Warning Signs.

 October 6, 2006 – Ramadhan 13 1427 AH

 Peace To You In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

 After Compliments;

My name is Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany. I am a father of 4 children between the ages of 29 to 13, with twin girls (eldest) and one married with my first granddaughter. My son is at 27, and the last is at 13 – girl in final year of Secondary School. I am supposed to be a retired Human Resources Professional, but I am still working on ad hoc basis to make ends meet – after a huge loss in my opened after Early Retired Consultancy business in Management and Marketing that went bust. I lost all my Retirement and other money in the business – but that is life for you, with its strange twists, turns and fate awaiting us the susceptible and gullible in trying new things in life.

Enough of me for now. I put a debate within me if I should write this, was even afraid to do so lest peoples think that I am a crank or may have ulterior and vicious motives for writing this. I know some family members who have just ridicule and contempt on what I write – Oh yes, I am also a Columnist (English) in The Oman Daily Observer that appears every Wednesday. The column is called Between Us Only. The column is mainly on Socio-Economical aspects, though I have written also on Management, Human Resources, Omanisation (Localisation) including some issues in the International arena. I have written a book of the same name, available in bookshops in Oman and UAE only so far.

Yesterday night Thursday October 5 I was very depressed, emotional and sad and going through my life so far and how some Institutions owing me money from my failed business were making my life Hell, despite they know that I am not in a position to pay back even if I wanted, being so far not yet fully employed. I do Human Resources Consultancy works. I sent a SMS joke to some peoples, only my brother-in-law called Mohamed Yahya responded. I got emotional and sent him as such emotional SMS. I then tried to engage him on why I was so sad and depressed in the SMS messages, but he would not take the bait. I then went to sleep. Before that I took something to eat (Suhoor) because it is now the Holy Month of Ramadhan for fasting for one month for Muslims.

I always prayer Sunaah Prayers at night as much as I can. Sunaah Prayers are extra prayers from the 5 established regular ones for the day. These prayers are between self and your God, your Maker, Allah SWT. In my Sunaah Prayers, I pray for the souls and salvation of my late Father (PBUH) and other relatives, elder brother, elder sister, uncles, aunts, my father in law, my mother in law, my brother in law, old friends and others who have passed away in frames of time.

I also pray for our Great Prophet Nabii Mohamed SAW, his family, his responsibilities, the Apostles and the Muslims who died in Jihad in propagating Islam from those times. I also pray for all the Prophets who came on earth, including first Adam and Eve, Mother Mary who bore Prophet Issa (Jesus) May Allah Be Pleased with them, and these other Prophets mentioned in the Holy Quraan, that is –  in Alphabetical Order – Al-Yasa’ (Elisha), Ayyub (Job), Dawood (David), Harun (Aaron), Ibrahim (Abraham), Idris (Enoch), Ilyas (Elias), Issa (Jesus), Ishaaq (Isaac), Ishmael (Ishmael), Lut (Lot), Musa (Moses), Nuh (Noah), Sulaiman (Solomon), Uzair (Ezra), Yaqub (Jacob), Yahya (John), Yunus (Jonah), Yusuf (Joseph), Zakariya (Zachariya) – May Allah Be Pleased with All of them – Amin.

Just a few minutes before the Early Morning prayers (Al Fajr) that signals the start of fast for that day, I had finished my usual Sunnah prayers and I was sitting on the side of my bed. I was fully awake. This was NOT a dream. As I sat on my side of the bed, on the wall facing me came some writings. It was written from right to left – I know that by what you will see below. The language was not in Arabic, but I think (and Allah Knows Best in these things!) it was an ancient language. I am not sure – but I believe it could be Jewish? It was not the ancient Egypt writings, because I believe they have pictures of small men in these writings. This was written like in Arabic, from right to left. It was like a neon light, flashed for a few seconds and then disappeared. I am not crazy, mental or depressed – I actually saw it, and ready to swear in the name of Religion if required to do so!

The top sentences were written in the same colour of my heading (sort of dark blue) or looked blackish. The two middle sentences drew my attention more; it was in red font (colour) and then ended in small sentences in the same font above.  First I thought of screaming, but then I controlled myself just in time. It maybe a signal for me to go to the Mosque for early morning prayers (Fajr) because I was ignoring these and praying at home. Or it could be a signal or warning of bigger things; because why it came in a language I do not understand is beyond me!

This is how it looked.

<insert image here below>








I am saying the truth. Please believe me. May Allah SWT be with you all – Amin and Ramadhan Kareem

Majid Al Suleimany


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