Opinion – Israeli Obstinacy and All The Hatreds Now!

April 19, 2010

Private & Confidential

Opinion – The Jewish Diaspora – Why Were They So Much Hated? – The Nazis Campaign to ‘eliminate the Jews and others’ to breed a higher class and breed of Aryan Germans – and The Holocaust

By Majid Al Suleimany (An Omani / GCC / Arab ‘Moderate’ National).


I am always intrigued to read the Opinion column of many of the local newspapers where there is always this bashing, attacking, innuendos and condemnations of in particular The Jews and USA next – especially lately! And though in many cases I agree with some of the sentiments, points and views – I find it personally very disturbing because it only creates more hatred, angst and animosity against the Jews in particular – and the USA next – and as a National Newspaper Columnist myself, I feel we need to have more responsible and accounting reporting – and if only to avoid making a bad situation only turn more worse and stagnant per se!.


Admittedly the Israelis are not helping in the situation – nor so far Obama’s new ME policies after the great speech in Cairo (reproduced by me in my book A Cry For Help!) and in my websites too! It looks to me that Israel is ‘no longer afraid and scared’ in angering and in upsetting USA like they used to be before a ‘black’ president came into being in USA.

In my opinion, it could emanate too from the Jews own perception of them being ‘The chosen race – the superior race’ syndromes etc! This with certainly had led to a clash with the original owners of the land in Germany – and used and exploited by Hitler and his Nazi thugs for best use in eliminating once and for all the Jewish ‘threat’ to Germany and ‘its future’ – and thus the rise of Nazism and the coming in of the holocaust – and of the ‘in human mass murder ethnic cleansing in ‘civilised and church going’ Germany and Europe.

The question always linger – how can you go and pray to God in church whilst at the same time terminate and eliminate a whole nation – and if you believe in Jesus Christ (The Great Prophet Issa in Islam) he was certainly not an Aryan German – but with Jewish ancestry and up bringing! And that brings us to the worst in human kind, its vileness, evil, wickedness, foibles, crimes and everything else bad and nasty you can lump in together!

I look now at what is happening now all over The Western World post September 11 against mainly Muslims and Arabs – and I can see a similar pattern and fashion that had led to the holocaust happening once again – though in smaller portions more civilized and more covered and cultured – unalike what happened in reality in Serbia and post Yugoslavia – and I remember hearing one of the ‘victims’ saying that during Tito time they all considered themselves as Yugoslavs  only first and foremost – and did not even know they were ‘Muslims’ because they ate pork, never prayed or fasted, and did not know even what the Holy Quraan looked like. Or where Mecca was! Suddenly they became Muslims – and enemies of the state and to be done in with and to be destroyed and to be eliminated. If NATO had not come in, most likely another holocaust in ‘civilised Europe’ would have come into being! And that reveals to me that if there is another collapse and breakdown of law and order there (the dangers more now with the economic stagnant situation) – and crazy miscreants like Hitler and the Serbian ones – anything is possible still.

I remember well this expression – Diplomacy is telling someone to go to Hell, and he is looking forward for the trip! The systematic well planned and arranged pressures are mounting against Muslims all over Europe and USA especially (like how one dresses, the minarets, the cartoons etc). However, what is happening there and the rest of the world done and executed under ‘The banner and name’ of Islam does not help either – and by even the citizens of some of these same countries – be that they are as Arabs and or Muslims (like the ‘Asian’ British Bombers etc – because of their country policies –especially in regard to Iraq and Afghanistan!

You have the luxury of democracy and to write and protest – unalike many citizens of other countries – but however angry and bitter you are – you do not detonate yourself to kill other citizens – and inadvertently your own folks and fellow believers too in the process – and as a Muslim designated for eternal damnation and hell – because in Islam killing of one innocent person is considered like killing off a whole nation. Like more Muslims died in The Twin Demolitions than from other faiths – even questionable if there were Jews too involved!

You may well say – here comes in a naïve so-called Moderate Arab talking again – in his mounted high horse! – but if you really read the Holy Books you will know I am very right, correct and ethical too!

Why Now?

I was watching this film ‘The Boy in The Stripped Pyjamas’ in which I think BBC also co-sponsored. It is a story of Bruno – an 8 year old German boy – whose father is a Commandment of a Germany concentration camp for Jews. The film looks at events and history through the eyes of this young boy – and is very touching, revealing and emotional. I cannot remember sympathizing and feeling sorry for the Jews since Schindler’s list (reminds me of the comedy Seinfeld series of ‘making out’ in the film showing – and his parents querying him – how could you?). It disturbed me for quite awhile and such films have a way of driving one to hate a whole nation – even those that were not even involved or born at the time.

I know this feeling here because I had experienced it myself and was a victim of it in the bloody Zanzibar Revolution of 1964 – covered in all my books – see www.majid.books.com and www.alsuleimany.com for more details and particulars – and here the victims were Arabs, Yemenis, and Indians mainly!

In this film (whether really happened or another one trysts against the Nazis by controlling media by the Jews) – and showing its roots of fear, hatred and animosities again raising its ugly head against Jewish power, bigotry, domination and control – and them still thinking that they are the Superior and The Chosen race – this time they as ‘guests again’ against their first cousins the Arabs! – where they still have luxuries of dual citizenships – whilst the Palestinians are still living in Refugee Centres since 1948 after creation of ‘Israel’). And the Palestinians – like the Germans – were the original ‘owners of the land’!

The boy tries to befriend a Jewish boy in the opposite side of the fence, and the innocent lives of children devoid and away of the terrible things going on around them! And the wife and husband fights of what the husband is doing – and the defence ‘we have been sworn to secrecy’ and the usual excuses of we are just performing our duties (when it is annihilation and massacre I beg to differ here!). One does not kill so many because you yourself are afraid to be killed instead for ‘disobeying orders’ from a fellow human being – but are not afraid of our God!

The German boy asks – why are you in the enclosure? What have you done? And the innocent victim replies – Because I am a Jew! The Jewish boy is wearing the ‘pyjamas for gassing and annihilation’ and made to work in the camp. In one of the parts – the German Teacher is heard to lament – If you can find a good Jew, then you have made a discovery! And your Father is contributing greatly to the Nation and building a better future for you in Germany (by gassing and murdering Jews – as The Final Solution!). The German boy invites the Jewish boy to his house and he replies – I cannot because of this number! (on his Pyjamas!). I was really moved and touched (you should see the film!) – and I remember reading the arguments for and against the film a long time ago – but had never seen the film only yesterday did so!

In the film, the German boy gets into the camp and wears the Prisoner uniform (as provided by The Jewish boy) and inadvertently gets gassed and killed together with the Jews and boy (gassing children too?) – despite his family plaintive search for the boy and too late to stop the gassing – which brings in the maxim – what goes around, comes around! One part that really disturbs is to see ‘fellow Jews’ pushing others (and themselves) to the gas chambers – and how low one can get to accept insults and abuse – and to want to live as an animal rather than as a human being! Stand up to be counted – Be a man – and not a mouse – but I guess it is easy to say these things from the luxury of a laptop!

I then try to understand the Jewish mind – which I am told is not that easy! (supposed to be a joke before being labeled anti-Semitic! But we Arabs are Semitic too!). I can now understand why and how they are behaving like this in Israel (No More To Us Syndrome!) – which strangely I may agree to – but still the Arabs and The Muslim are the only peoples that had protected and preserved the Jews from times immemorial – and proved by events and history!

Besides, the fundamental and critical point – you should not take it out on the Arabs and The Palestinians – they are victims too just like you. Remember – in the beginning they welcomed you too – which I guess was the reaction even prior Hitler (Fiddler on The Roof Film – where this favourite daughter (Jewish) is wooed by a German (Nazi) boy! The sheer large numbers perhaps scared the Palestinians – and the rest of us – and after what the Israelis started to do like the criminal crooked Begin Irgun brigades against both British occupation forces and the Palestinians too! The British did their part too – in this Divide and Rule aspect – just like in other places like India too!

Blaming a minority against a country’s economic and critical status is nothing new – Iddi Amin of Uganda did it against the Asians and he had a ‘dream’ – where God told him to chuck out all the Asians from Uganda. An ominous and dangerous development is the rise once again in Europe and elsewhere – of extreme rightist views and outlooks – Xenophobia’s – and even now those that think Hitler was right and correct to exterminate the Jews – or the Holocaust never really happened – and I think it was Eisenhower who had said – Take as many pictures as you can, because one day one bastard will come out to say that the Holocaust never really happened! I do not know if this is true either – of Benjamin Franklin (see here!) on his warning about the coming of the Jews to USA (see attachment). Also on Anne Frank Diary – the Holocaust survivor – and the book The Young Writer Who Told The World Her Story and the film winning an Emmy Award!

There is still chance and opportunity for the Israelis to live in peace and harmony in this part of the world and to be accepted and to be recognised living in secure recognised borders – and that is to accept The Saudi Peace Plan. The offer cannot lie waiting for ever – and many peoples are now getting convinced that Israel does not really want peace and harmony – but the usual traits and behaviours of them being a Superior race – and to control, dominate and rule others as in their blood – which had led to the holocaust – and other massacres and holocausts like the Romans too.

Will Israel ever learn? I do not think so! Look at what they did to Moses – The Great Prophet Musa (PBUH) – after taking them across God’s mysterious parting of the waves – and soon after showing remembrance and gratitude by worshipping the calf instead of our Lord! The stubbornness and the ingredients are in-built by The Jews – and that is why there is now so much hatred, animosity etc against them – from Hitler’s days – and still on-going!



Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Sultanate of Oman.










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